5 Family Friendly Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

With the most fiendish night of the year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about which terrifying monster costume to order from the local next day delivery fancy dress shop!

But hang on (to the gallows!), what’s a Halloween fan to do about the folks – little and large – who find dripping zombie blood a little on the gory side?

Here are five costume ideas to look for in a cheap fancy dress next day delivery online store!

1. Heroes and Villains

Halloween isn’t always about gore and ghouls and gratuitous violence! For a more family-friendly environment, why not make the whole event more like a meeting of the galaxies’ most amazing superheroes than a meeting of the creepiest monsters the eyes could behold?

There are plenty of superb costume ideas out there to suit every generation. Plus, for the Halloween fanatic who could perhaps be a little disappointed by the lack of mummies and vampires, there are plenty of terrifying villains to choose from!

2. Crackers Animals

This is a superb theme for youngsters and adults alike. There’s also a lot of scope to dial up the scary if needs be! Animal fancy dress suits every age group and costume stores tend to have brilliant ranges aimed at everyone – sleek and sexy black cats to kid-sized giraffes!

Think about a themed Halloween event – under the sea, tropical island, desert dwellers or Noah’s Ark (where everyone comes in pairs of animals!)

3. Book, TV & Film Fans

Superb for kids who are REALLY into one book series, character or film franchise! There are more options in this camp than pretty much any other. It’s a superb option to allow huge amounts of creative freedom to every generation – Granddad in his Dad’s Army getup, Mum as the original Wonder Woman and the kids as everything from Disney!

4. Wizards, Witches and Bloodless Ghouls

A brilliant way to have a spooky theme without scaring the pants of smaller kids. Throwing a blood-free bash with lots of cartoonish ghosts, ghouls, witches and wizards can be brilliant fun for all the family. It’s 100% gore-free and great for families who want to get into the spirit of Halloween without causing long-term psychological damage to particularly fearful kids (and adults!)

5. Funny Bones

When it comes to brilliant family costume ideas, a family of skeletons can be hilarious and great for every generation. There are lots of different options in terms of everything from make-up to the costume itself. A simple loose black t-shirt with bones painted onto it? Or perhaps a slinky black catsuit with glow-in-the-dark paint for bones?

Creating a family-friendly frightful night is all about adding a fun edge to spooky themes. Steer clear of blood and gore in favour of silliness and cartoonish, ghoulish fun!

Libby Carins is a fancy dress fanatic who lives for Halloween and will happily wear fancy dress to every event, including weddings and office parties. She writes for several event and fancy dress blogs, including FancyDressDelivered.co.uk.

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