Choose For You The Most Fashionable Footwear

The Ballerina Shoes

From the classical leather ”varina” of Salvatore Ferragamo until the colourful fabric ballerinas of the Missoni, the ballerina shoe is doubtless the easiest and safest choice for the everyday outfit. Since 1957, i.e. the year that Audrey Hepburn chose a pair of flat ballerinas for her famous dance scene in the movie ”Funny Face”, this fashionable footwear set in the women’s fashion as a symbol of femininity and elegance. The winter collection of the biggest fashion houses combine thousands of colours and materials with new lines and styles to provide a special and unique result.

This season, the ballerinas appear with new lines, i.e. no longer rounded but pointy shoes, which create a more rigorous and classy style. Leather, patent leather or woollen, patterned or not, simple or with metal buckles, the fashion houses offer this time something different enabling women to mix and match without inhibitions and create a stylish look for a morning in the office until an evening drink after a hard day.

The High Fashion Sneakers

Doubtless, the much loved sneakers are the most comfortable shoes. Now, women can choose this fashionable footwear not only for the gym but for an all day long outfit. With a little more ‘twisted’ form, more provocatively, with metal surfaces, more bold stripes, colourful patterns, or even white, reminiscent of the most exclusive shoes up super heroes! So sneakers have conquered the collections of Gucci, Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti and many other major brands.

So you can wear your most comfortable and at the same time fashionable footwear in the gym, for a coffee, or for a relaxing evening drinking a cocktail while feeling so sexy and beautiful! The fashion editors suggest combining them with denim or colourful leggings with a t-shirt in pastel colours.

The Animal Print Shoes

An animal print pair of shoes can always be on the catwalks and in our hearts! The animal prints have inspired everyone and have penetrated every field. You can see animal prints in furniture, walls, fabrics, down to nails and shoes! With the zebra, snake, and Dalmatian patterns (which came out the famous movie Disney) but also with the greatest star leopard, come every year to make us fall in love with their shine while proving their timelessness and their unique ability to stimulate the senses!

There is nothing sexier than a pair of animal print shoes and any stylish wardrobe without them! They are the absolute fashionable footwear and when wearing them correctly you can highlight your femininity and your sexy taste! You can wear them any time of day and with several colors, but always beware of the exaggerations. It is advisable to use only one bright color, such as red, yellow or pastel-coloured clothes with your animal print shoes!

Anyway, whatever you choose to wear, just ensure that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, chic and sexy! Don’t be afraid to do some experimentations with your style, especially when you have not a very happy mood! A new outfit or a new pair of wonderful shoes can change your mood only in a few seconds!

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