Choosing a Blazer Jacket That Fits Perfectly

Perfectly fitting blazer jacket will not only flatter your body shape, but give you a confidence boost that last for the entire day. A nice blazer will give a polished look to any outfit and can take you from office to cocktail party, no problem; but getting a blazer that fits just right can take time. Here’s how to work out whether that jacket fits you well enough.

On the torso

If you need a general rule of thumb, check that a blazer can be easily buttoned over the widest part of your torso. If you have discomfort doing this, it’s time for a bigger size. A blazer should run down the curves of your body when buttoned up, giving a nice hourglass figure. When the torso of a blazer is too big it can overwhelm your figure and hide curves that are so attractive. When a blazer is too small it can pull the fabric in an unflattering manner, or create gaping sections when buttoned up.

If you’re particularly busty, stick to a blazer that buttons up higher, this will help to control your upper body and create the perfect silhouette. Take into consideration the sort of lapel a blazer has too. If you are petite a smaller lapel will usually work best; larger women can get away with more dramatic collars.

On the shoulder

The shoulders of a blazer should not only look right, they should feel comfortable (or more to the point you should really not notice them at all). When a shoulder is too wide the sleeve will start to fall down too far and when you’ve got a handbag on your shoulder you’ll notice that your blazer begins to fall off! When a shoulder is too tight you’ll feel restricted movement and a general tightness, not ideal.

On the sleeves

The perfect long sleeve length should sit just above the start of your thumb and bottom of your wrist. ¾ length sleeves should stop below the elbow. If they’re any shorter than this, the fit is wrong. When you’re choosing the perfect blazer, look out for sleeve width too. Though a wider sleeve will not cause discomfort, it can give you sleek fitted look that a blazer should give. Sleeves that are too wide can cause an awkward, boxy finish.

In the arm holes

When you try a blazer on, you won’t notice immediately one of the main restrictions of a poorly fitting jacket; too small arm holes. If the arm hole is too tight it can really limit the way you’re able to move. In the privacy of the changing room, try lifting your arms up and experimenting with movement in general to check that you are not held back in anyway. On the contrary, if the arm holes are too wide, it can lead to a generally sloppy appearance.

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