Color Your World With A Mothers Birthstone Ring

Are you attracted to colorful jewelry? Do you prefer vivid color over plain color in your jewelry? Would you like to customize your jewelry by selecting gemstones that will be integrated with it? If so, then a Mothers birthstone ring may be a perfect fit for you, or your Mom!

Mothers rings are an exquisite family treasure consisting of the birthstones of Mom’s family members. This is a popular way to personalize your mother’s ring with birthstones to create a unique heirloom to honor your mother on Mother’s Day or for any occasion.

Birthstone rings for Mom can come in many styles but are most frequently made in either gold or sterling silver, in keeping with tradition and heirloom values. For an even more colorful and stunning look, one may consider a gold on silver ring with birthstones, combining the most popular precious metals and gemstones.

To take color even further, you may consider a Black Hills Gold on silver ring. Black Hills Gold jewelry is a style of jewelry that’s been made in South Dakota since the late 1800’s. It is characterized by a grape leaf motif that incorporates tiny grape leaves made from both copper and silver alloyed with gold. The result is finely detailed grape leaves in shimmering pink and green 12 karat gold.

The Black Hills Gold leaves on a sterling silver ring articulated with an assortment of gemstones creates a unique and stunning mothers ring. One of the most magnificent gold on silver mothers rings available is the model LR2830SS Mothers Birthstone Ring made by Landstroms, the original manufacturer of Black Hills Gold jewelry.

This spectacular Mom’s ring is beautifully crafted from.925 sterling silverand has three delicate, 12 karat Black Hills Gold leaves, one made from pink gold and two from green gold.It can be customized with a minimum of twoand a maximum of six 2.5mm genuinebirthstones, which can represent the birth months of children, grandchildren, or anything desired. Landstroms offers the following birthstones:

● January is Garnet
● February is Amethyst
● March is Aquamarine
● April is Diamond or White Topaz
● May is Emerald
● June is Smokey Quartz
● July is Ruby
● August is Peridot
● September is Blue Sapphire
● October is Pink Tourmaline
● November is Citrine
● December is Blue Zircon

Over the ages, mystics believed that specific gemstones coincided with certain months in the calendar year. For individuals who were born within the month of a specific gemstone, that would become their birthstone. Birthstones can be a powerful statement of an individual’s unique style and personality.

Silver is believed to help with the cleansing and releasing of mental, physical and emotional blockages as it opens new doors and lights the way to the future.Silver is also associated with prestige and glamour and is believed to restore equilibrium and stability to both feminine power and spiritual energy.

And gold has always been most highly valued from the earliest times in recorded history. All of these special characteristics are combined in Landstroms LR2830SS Mothers Birthstone Ring.

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