If you are anything like me, then you love staying up to date on the hottest fashion trends. The app Resultly makes it easy. With their trending page you can instantly see what items are hot! Whether it is a hot pair of leather pants, or a sexy black dress. I get a ton of inspiration from the trending page.

The app also makes searching for hot styles easy with their search feature. All I have to do is pick a search term like “designer denim” or “leather backpack”. I can then set search parameters like price and stores. I can even save my search to a collection! I love this because then I can see when new items get added.

Once I find an item I love, I can either purchase it directly form that store, or save it to a collection for later. Creating collections is awesome, because it allows me to really express myself and showcase my style to the world. I’ve created everything from dream closet collections which features tons of lust items like designer heels, and expensive perfumes. I’ve also created tons of practical collections, like my back to school collection, which features items I plan on buying for my back to school wardrobe.

Another great way to get inspiration on Resultly is by following celebrities, like Jessica Hall. I can also follow fashion and beauty bloggers along with my friends to see what items they are into.

If you are looking for a great new fashion app, Resultly is a must have! Plus, it makes saving items from multiple stores in one place super simple.

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