MySpace, Weinstein launch models for Lifetime Television Show

For any woman, the best entertainment associated with digital source is Lifetime Digital. The companies, MySpace and Weinstein launched models for a nationwide casting competition that would be held online. The final model selected would be selected as the model for the final season of the program.

The prizes may include national modeling as well as cash. The models can participate through myLIfe.com or myspace.com/modelsoftherunaway. They need to fill an application online, upload a video that gives a brief introduction of themselves and 3 photos. Apart from these, a brief description of their desire to become a model of the program , the actual process they are going to follow and how their lives are going to change have to be submitted. Good thing is functionality would be provided by GotCast.com, an online casting site.

As expected, the vice president of Digital Media told the media that they were excited to enable America to help them cast their Models. Similarly, the vice president of MySpace associated with entertainment told that the community discovers great content that can be shared with friends.

Coming to the result, the models performance was great and the sixth season became the premier with the highest rating for the series and the 25 years history of New York.

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