Puffed Jackets For a Trendy Look

If you’re looking for a jacket to help you survive the winter season, quilted jackets have become a fashion essential for both men and women. Traditionally a form of hunting jacket, this quintessential British coat is now worn by people of all ages and social class. What used to be a practical item for protecting ‘oneself’ against the Great British weather is now a staple of any stylish winter wardrobe.

It’s hard to pin down what about a quilted jacket makes it so popular – though warmth must play an important factor. Here’s a look at some of the common features of this on-going outerwear trend:


Let’s start with the iconic quilted fabric itself. This cushioned material (usually polyester) has a commonly diamond checker effect. The size of the diamonds can vary, making no difference to comfort.


Quilted jackets are available as both unhooked and hooded coats, with the later becoming an increasing trend. Unlike with many jackets however the hood on quilted jacket is usually part of the permanent design (not unzip able), giving hooded quilted jackets a more coat-like shape.


When you need a jacket that will keep out the rain, the quilted jacket will do the job. It’s not quite as waterproof as a raincoat, but with a typical wax coated finish it will certainly keep you from getting soaked!

Funnel Neck

Quilted jackets feature a zip-up front and collar, which when secured to the very top forms a funnel neck. This funnel neck is another part of what makes these jackets so warm. For an extra layer in winter, the quilted jacket works well with a thick woolen scarf which can fit around the neck.

Dark Colors

When it comes to the popular colours of quilted jackets, designers have kept very much to their traditional country life route, with green, blue, brown and black the most common choice. The rural shades common with quilted Jackets make this garment a somewhat mature style choice. Occasionally a bright take will pop up on the high-street, such as in red or yellow for those who want a playful take on this farmyard essential.

Long Sleeves

Forget the ¾ length sleeves of many denim and leather jackets, quilted jackets are all about full-length sleeves to keep you snug in the great outdoors. Sleeveless quilted numbers are available, though these would be considered Gilets.


Adding to the practicality of this style of coat, is the inclusion of large pockets. This can either be open diagonal pockets or button/popper-up vertical pockets – either offer plenty of room to store traditional hunting accessories or modern day essentials like your mobile and lip balm!


Another sophisticated detailing is in the contrasting fabric piping that has become popular on some of the lighter shades of jacket. Piping around the pockets, collar and zip give even the most affordable high-street jacket an expensive finish.

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