Top 5 Essential Summer Footwear

Okay its official; flip-flops are the best footwear for the warm, sunny weather in summer. We can’t argue with that. However, not all looks can be pulled off with flip-flops as the footwear of choice. As a result, we have come up with a list of the top 5 essential summer footwear that will sure keep you in vogue and comfy at the same time.

Ballet flats
These shoes give that sophisticated look and can complete any official wear this summer. They are often known as slip-ons. They can work with a lot of other outfits too. For instance, nude ballet flats can complete any look whether cute or casual look. They are very comfortable to wear – since they have flat soles – so you don’t have to worry about your feet aching after standing too high for too long. When you pair them with a pair of pants or Capri pants, they can work for cooler days. Polka dot pattern on ballet flats can effortlessly pass for any casual look you desire to pull off in the summer.

They can easily pass for either casual or fancy footwear. These are more comfortable than heels due to their design that allows for a wider surface area for the feet to find perfect balance as opposed to heels. They, however, have all the advantage of heels since they give you added height and as is the belief of many ladies; wedges enhance their figures!

These are the “go to” summer ware. They can be worn with anything: dresses, jean, pants, shorts and skirts to mention but a few. Just like ballet flats, they are very comfortable and flat sandals also work with many outfits. Moreover, they don’t cause feet to ache and thus can be worn for long hours at a time. They are liberating, freeing the toes from the pain of closed shoes you are obliged to wear in the cold season. Choose sandals that are two inches of the ground since pancake flat-soled sandals can be uncomfortable.

Want footwear that is comfortable and less classy but goes along with a lot of outfits? TOMs are your answer! They complete a sophisticated or official outfit well when paired with the right accessories.

Knee-high boots
These work all year round! The come in many designs since they are popular with many designers. They are not only great with a pair of jeans but also work with dresses, skirts and shorts.

Yeah, yeah…they just had to appear in the Top 5 Essential summer footwear list! Since the list was for all footwear apart from flip-flops, they get the 6th spot! They are classically perfect footwear for all summer. They are simple and comfortable. They can go along with a pair of shorts or a summer dress to give you a great summer look. Tip: pick fitting flip-flops since if they are loose fitting, you are at risk of spraining your ankle and spending the warm summer days indoor!

All in all, you should pick footwear that you feel comfortable in and which doesn’t need a lot of thought when matching them with outfits. Enjoy your summer with www.gipsydharma.com.

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