What Your Bag Says About You

Did you know that people make an assumption about you the same way you make an assumption about them within just a few seconds of meeting? You both “size each-other up” without even knowing you are doing it – taking in overall looks, the way hair is worn, make-up, clothes and handbag and all these factors makeminds up all at once. Now obviously we can all make mistakes about people by doing this but research genuinely shows that in certain situations such as an interview, the interviewer has made his or her mind up within just 15 seconds based on what they see. So what you wear does make an impression the same way as what you carry says a lot about you too.

We all know there is a treasure trove of different styles of IT designer handbags to choose from, a spectrum of colours to make even a rainbow look dull, from tiny, dainty pouches to glorious oversized handbags and everything in between – satchels, hobos, top handle bags, cross body bags, clutches, messengers, shoppers, bowling styles – the list is endless and every season new styles appear making us lust after new looks and shapes. We are also all individuals and while some of us adore the same shapes, icons such as the Mulberry Bayswater or the Louis Vuitton Speedy not to mention classic quilted Chanel but what do we feel comfortable wearing and what does it mean?

Well, let’s start with the classics such as the Hermes Kelly or classic Chanel flap handbags to rent. This says no-nonsense signature chic. These are for ladies who lunch or who would like to lunch! Someone who is comfortable with their look, confident in who they are and who knows about a bag which will stand the test of time. It’s for a lady who looks after her looks, who enjoys luxurious items and who has effortless chic wearing clothes that suit her style rather than bowing to fashion. This is a lady from the age of 18 to 80 who will always look and feel sensational with iconic accessories to complement.

If you’re more of an arty type or perhaps with a flair for design then you may well be more interested in fun, funky handbag styling. In which case you’re the type of girl who loves handbags with a twist, something that’s a talking point and that someone will look twice at. These girls love a little Lulu Guinness such as her iconic lips clutch which will not look out of place tucked under their arm! Lulu’s Lipstick clutch has to be worn by someone with a wicked sense of fun and humour and the Wanda bag with its stunning 1960’s style lashes is sure to draw you some attention when out and about. These bags say you’re approachable, fun-loving with a good eye for drama and you love all things theatrical.

More practical ladies such as those working in a formal environment or mums crave practical styles such as Mulberry’s Antony Messenger or the Michael Kors Hamilton which says you enjoy a good quality bag but you are organised and efficient. You may favour a DKNY tote or an Aspinal essential leather shopper, you love good quality and expert craftsmanship, appreciating designer-wear but you’re also down to earth and ready to take on anything life throws at you.

If you’re more likely to want to wear something flirty but glamorous then you are potentially a girl who loves a good party, throws caution to the wind and has a devil may care attitude! Perhaps for someone who likes to vamp it up you might love the Alexander McQueen Manta leather clutch with its almost hexagonal shape and don’t mess with me zip closure. Wearing a DKNY Saffiano iPhone purse in bright red or the Tory Burch Thea phone wristlet in gold? Then you love dancing but don’t want to miss that all-important text and also don’t want to be weighed down by unnecessary handbag clutter. Perhaps you covet the Frilly Snake shoulder bag from Vivienne Westwood? In that case, you must be a glamourpuss then and probably covet more than one or two clutches such as the Juicy Couture Gem Miadiere or the Roberto Cavalli studded box clutch.

Whatever your handbag preferences are, when hiring a handbag you can change your look as well as your style in a flash this means you may well be an office girl by day but turn into a wild-child at night! Or you could spend your time doing the school run and shopping for a family but meet up with the girls and you are transformed from mummy to yummy in an instant. The beauty of hiring a handbag means you can own many different styles and turn into your own fashion chameleon whenever the mood takes you.

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